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We like to thank all our customers and of course our staff for a succesfull winterseason. If you like to see and learn more about the spring in Lapland with all the birds coming back and to see a real lively nature you may consider to visit Äkäskero now.



The winterseason ends quite unnormal. The wheather in the swedish mountains had been far too warm and our Panoramagroup had to come back to Akaskero to continue the trip from there.

All customers who cannot come for their holidays due to the outbreak of the volcano in Icelande get a free trip for next season.



Only a few weeks left in this winterseasons. The temperatures are slowly coming in the plus-zone and birds start to come back from south. As Heinz is guiding his 2nd Panoramtour through some soft snow - he had a lot of trailbreaking to do on his first tour too - we here are kind of recovering from racing the Amundsenrace. Was kind of great to see our dogs successfully running with the big boys - maybe we try more next year.



Schön langsam lernen auch unsere neuen Mitarbeiter mit den Wetterverhältnissen in Lappland zu leben. Am Abend minus 3 Grad, am Morgen dann minus 33. Zumindest hält der Temperaturwechsel den Kreislauf in Schwung und wir denken nicht zusehr an den Klimawandel.

Für die nächsten Tage soll es so zwischen 25 und 35 minus bleiben - gut, dass die Ausrüstung für die Gäste entsprechend ist.



Sturm am Trail. Diese Woche erleben unsere Gäste, dass Lappland auch Winterstürme kennt. Für manche ist es schwer verständlich, dass es im geschützten Wald relativ ruhig ist und man doch nicht fahren kann. Nun, die Probleme liegen natürlich auf den freien Flächen - Sümpfe, Seen, Flüsse - wo die Trails innerhalb von 20 Minuten zugeblasen werden und die Sicht bis auf wenige Meter absinkt. Die Hunde haben keine Möglichkeit in den grundlosen Schnee die Last zu ziehen und da die Guides nicht die gesamte Gruppe sehen können heisst es einfach abwarten, pausieren, sich entspannen - auch das gehört zum Erlebnis Schlittenhundetouren.



A very special kind of light spectacle...




All our guests, as well as our dogs and guides, survived the cold weather.  As a small reward the sun came out again a few days ago, for the first time in many weeks.  At the moment, even if your visit is only a short one, you will notice the days getting longer.  We already have 7 hours of daylight and more than 2 hours of sunshine, but currently the most beautiful sights are the long sunrises and sunsets.




The year 2010 has begun in a real  „Lapland-way“. The temperatures have dropped to minus 30 degrees with clear skies and vapour clouds surrounding dogs and humans alike.  The extreme cold is expected to remain until the weekend, with temperatures then rising to a cosy minus 8 degrees.  A real winter, as in times gone by – yes, a winter just right for sledge dogs.




The whole Äkäskero team wishes you a very happy New Year ...


The new year friendly beckons as we leave the old one full of memories behind us.



The 21st December, the shortest day of the year, is passed and it will only be a few days now until we see the sun again.  On 30th December, we officially have the first sunrise, but the days and weeks without the sun always have their own special charm ...




We wish all our guests and friends happy and relaxing holidays.



Finally, it is cold and will remain so. For the first time our guests can really enjoy the dry, cold weather (minus 25 degrees).  An evening sauna feels really good and whoever can’t find a hole in the ice for a short bathe can simply just roll in the snow.



The first Panorama Tour for 2011 is reserved. That’s what can happen when you book a sledge dog tour and become infected by the virus ...



Our youngest member, Celia has survived the first tour as a Wilderness Guide.  Congratulations.




Welcome to our new Webpage. We hope that old and new guests alike will find all the information needed to motivate and inspire a stay at our facilities.