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Äkäskero is the leading provider of demanding and adventurous sledge tours for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Safety and adventure form the fundments for our tours and as one of the oldest providers we have the necessary experience to ensure your trip is a safe and unforgetable experience. The responsible handling of our dogs together with a high level of respect for nature and the environment are not only central themes for us, but are put into daily practice.


Regardless of their origins or nationality, our guides all share a deep love of dogs and have the necessary training and experience to lead our tours safely. Our safety record of almost twenty years of experience with no significant incidents, speaks for itself. In order to meet all levels of experience and requirements, we offer a selection of tours - short tours of just a few kilometers, to initiate beginners into the joys of sledging, or for the more experienced we offer longer expedition-type tours of up to several weeks, travelling as far as Sweden and Norway.


In Äkäskero you can enjoy all the many facets of Winter in the far north. From the end of November snow is guaranteed and you can experience the weeks of ‘polar night’. During this time it is not completely dark – even at Christmas, with the shortest hours of daylight – for about 6 hours a day it is still possible to go about your usual activities without needing a head torch.

The arctic winter usually begins middle of January: temperatures drop well below freezing point, the sun appears on the horizon like a glowing ball of fire, the northern lights (aurora borealis) and a unbelievably large moon – everything is like in a fairy-tale – fascinating events which should not be missed.

From the middle of March you can already feel the increasing warmth of the sun, while at night temperatures still often drop well below zero. The days are even longer than in central europe so this is also the time in which it is possible to undertake our longer tours. The snow usually lasts until middle/end of May, but we finish our tours by the last week of April. Our guides are then happy to spend the rest of the time in the mountains with a team of dogs, exploring new trails and possible new tours.