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The cabins used on our tours are often old lumberjack or reindeer herder huts. They are simply furnished and during the tours are mainly used only by our guests. Consequently we are able to store some of our provisions – ie. juice concentrate, cleaning materials, etc. - in the huts, and do not have to continually carry everything with us on the sledges.


The cabins usually consist of one or two rooms, have wood-fired heating and a gas stove plus a sauna and outside toilet. Water is usually fetched from the nearby lake, but sometimes it is necessary to melt snow. All cabins have a supply of warm bed linen. However, as this cannot be changed after each overnight stay, we ask our guests to bring along their own thin inner sleeping bag.

As the cabins are used, and therefore heated, several days a week, it does not usually take too long until the rooms feels pleasantly warm and cosy.




Example of our trails: The small circuit trail in the lower righthand corner corresponds roughly to the week-long stage of the Advanced Tour. The longer trail is the one used on the Panorama Tour which starts from the Dog Camp and ends in Nikkaluakta – Naturally, changes to these trails are possible, and sometimes necessary.