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Summer in Äkäskero is a time for relaxing. Our sledge dogs enjoy their well-earned summer break and the Lodge is closed during the summer months.

However, for those who still wish to experience the summer with its never-ending days and the blooming forests of the national parks, it is possible to rent one of our Mökkis as your holiday home.

The Mökkis are fitted with a live-in kitchen with fireplace, separate double bedroom with shower/WC and private sauna. As our Mökkis are built to offer an undisturbed experience of living in and with nature, the nearest shopping facilities are some distance away. For this reason we recommend travelling to Äkäskero with your own or a hired car so that the nearest towns of Äkäslompolo (25Km), Muonio (50Km) or Kittilä (40Km) can be reached easily.


In summer there are numerous activities which can be undertaken and which we are happy to help you organise. For instance you can go for a walk through the dog camp, which is only 8km away from the Lodge, and see the Huskys relaxing in the sunshine. Or make arrangements with us to take a guided trek with our Island horses.

The surrounding area is suitable not only for trekking but is also perfect for riding a mountain bike, fishing, animal watching, picking berries and mushrooms etc. In Äkäslompolo, Muonio and Kittilä canoe and rafting tours are on offer along with trips to an old goldmine or reindeer farm.

The saying “there is never bad weather, just unsuitable clothing” also applies in summer. It should be remembered that, due to thawing snow, summer begins later in Lapland and even in August can be accompanied with a good deal of rain. On the other hand, Lapland can also experience temperatures of up to 40° so that the need for suitable sun protection should not be forgotten. Mosquitos are also plentiful, especially in July, so that trekking trips should only be undertaken with suitable clothing and a good insect repellent.