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Icelandic Horses

Overnight Tour
Our Icelandic horses are, of course, the highlight in summer. For those interested, we offer an overnight trip to one of our cabins in the wilderness. The trail length can be adjusted to individual needs, but you do need to have riding experience for this tour. We take food and some luggage with us, fishing equipment is already in the hut, so two enjoyable pastimes can be combined on this trip. Naturally, we will also savour the delights of grilled salmon and a sauna in the evening, heading back after breakfast the following


Day Tour
After a short introduction, the day’s ride can begin. Again you do need to have riding experience, as a full day on horseback can be fairly exhausting. The difficulty and distance of the trip will be adapted to the skills of the participants. Underway, there will be a lunch break where we will make an open fire, and those who wish can pick mushrooms and berries. We will then set out on a different trail for our return journey.

Half Day Tour
This is the most suitable tour for beginners. After a detailed introduction the horses are assigned, according to the skill of the participants, and the tour can begin. After a while the speed and gait of the hourses can be changed and, when everyone agrees, we can try an exhilerating trott. After returning to camp there will be something small to eat available in the Kota.