About Äkäskero


When we took over Äkäskero in 1993 we found an idyllic location, but one which would need quite some work doing on it to make it perfect. Not only the Lodge had to be renovated but also the surrounding environment. We have tried to make Äkäskero a place that preserves the original Lapland feeling for our guests and visitors. We deliberately decided not to modernize everything. We want to be different to the usual tourist centers with their noisy, round the clock activities, parties and commerciality. Instead, we offer our guests a genuine nature experience right in the middle of a beautiful nationalpark.

To give our customers the best of Lapland we have developed a wide range of activities. In winter – of course – this means mainly programs with our huskies. From daytours up to two weeks on the runner – we cover it all. But also snowmobiles, snowshoes, crosscountry-skis or reindeers are possible. You ask it, we do it. In summer we offer hiking, canoeing, electric-mountainbikes, a ride with an ATV, fishing, berry- and mushroompicking and more. We try to not only use the nature but also help in protecting the valuable nature in the high north.

Our team is international which makes us proud because it gives us a lot of possibilities to get to know different cultures and people from all over the world can learn about the high north.