When we took over the Lodge in the summer of 1993 we wanted not only to renovate and extend the existing buildings but, at the same time, set out a realistic and environmentally friendly development plan. Of course the Lodge needed to be modernised but at the same time we wanted to try and preserve the charm of an old log cabin hotel.

Consequently, we were willing to accept some of the disadvantages of the wooden structures – for example, poor sound insulation – in order not to become an average mediocre Hotel. The old building structure was maintained, with rooms of approximately 12 to 25 square meters in size which, by todays standards, are rather small, stairs and floors that creak and limitations in the kitchen area, etc. It was never our intention to offer luxury, but rather a place to relax, to experience and enjoy.



We have 18 rustic bedrooms with shower and toilet for our guests. Since these rooms cannot be divided into specific classes, we allocate them by drawing lots.

This seemed to us the fairest solution for all our guests.


The original restaurant with seating for about 50 persons, is the ‘center’ of Äkäskero. This is a meeting point for everyone, not only the guests but also our guides and staff. Of course the restaurant is fully licenced offering not only good Finnish beer and selected wines but also a small choice of spirits. The restaurant also serves as the breakfast room and in the evening a multi-course dinner menu is served.

In the lobby you will find our reception area, and perhaps the most rustical furniture to be found in Lapland. The tables and benches were produced from huge, old tree trunks more than 30 years ago. Today, there are no suitable trees left in Finnland, from which such furniture could be made.


A visit to our log cabin sauna will give you the ultimate feeling of being a guest in Finnland. After the heat of the Sauna the brave will dare to jump into an ice hole in the lake, where one can really cool down.