12th of September, 2019


All private bookings are from now on secured. Our direct customers have now the same guarantees as bookings through travelagencies.


12th of August, 2019


For all who wish to escape the X-mas stress: please be aware that flights are limited for the dates 18th – 25th and 21st – 28th of December. Please book now or a transfer from Rovaniemi might be needed.


17th of July, 2019


As we have now enough beds for our programs at our Sleddogcenter we are able to sell our cottages at Äkäskero. Prices from 65.000 to 120.000 If you are interested please contact



13th of May 2019


Important information for our customers

we herewith have to inform you, that with we do not accept anymore bookings through POLAR-ERLEBNISREISEN  in Neustadt due to unpaid invoices even after some reminders.

Customers are asked to book directly or through a reliable travelagency.

The management


22nd of April 2019


Welcome in summer and autumn at our Huskyvillage. You can now book just accommodation at our Huskyvillage. More information under Äkäskero/Huskyvillage. Also participating in care and training of our dogs is possible.


19th of April 2019


The last group of the season heading towards our sleddogcenter. Great conditions still to the last tour with the almost guaranteed great easterweek weather.

We like to thank our customers, staff and first of all our great dogs for an exciting season.




26th of March 2019


Our last tourweeks will end in four weeks. Still some of our guides will go out with the dogs to some private trips in the mountains.

By now we are looking for staff/helpers for summer, autumn and next winter. Doghandlers, staff for our huskyvillage and guides. If you are interested to experience the life and work at the leading huskyfarm you are welcome to contact us.

All inquiries to


13th of March 2019


Our first panoramatour is on trail. With temperatures during the day around minus 5 and dropping to minus 30 in the nights ideal conditions to be out on tour. The daylight now already from 5 in the morning to 8 in the evening makes a great time. What you need more as a musher?


26th of February 2019


After really cold weeks we all of a sudden got plus temperatures the last days. This winter goes under “this never happened before”.


If you are already thinking about sumerholidays: our huskyvillage is open for selfcatering. It is the ideal place for hiking, canoein, mountainbiking, fishing, ATV-rides and of course to meet the dogs. If interested please contact us directly at



5th of February 2019


When coming in January or February be prepared for some low temperatures. And… yes, please listen to your guide. Take shoes much larger than you normally would and take another pair of socks. Dogs and guides will always be able to go so trust them and you will enjoy great outdoorlife.




1st of February 2019


Our “kota” – the restaurant at our sleddogcenter – is ready for the customers returning from the weektour. Salmon is on the menue.


27th of January 2019


Since beginning of January the sun is back and you can even see the “sundogs”. Most liked trail at the moment is over the Suopamanselkä


9th of January 2019



It is not always sunshine but mushing through the storm is unforgetable,


1st of January 2019

When you still have not decided where to spend your holidays: March/April are the times Scandinaviens like to spend holidays in Lapland. Snow, sun, fun.


24th of December 2018



With the right team Santa Claus will be easily able to deliver all presents today.


Merry Christmas to all our guests and colleagues


23rd of December 2018


Since few weeks our customers enjoy the cozyness and comfort of our new cottages at our Huskyvillage in proximity to our sleddogcenter. Just a few steps from our dogs yet having it comfortable is appreciated by all.









Doghandler job available


For our raceteam (longdistance) we are looking for a doghandler with experience with sleddogs. Board, accommodation and possibility to participate in longdistanceraces. You need to have driving license (B, BE or C). If interested please contact


13th of December 2018


  During the polarnight the sky is full of beautiful colors.


6th of December 2018


Todays start with the group in balmy minus 6. Everybody happy that the snow was nicely coming the last days.


3rd of December 2018

A tough start into the season. No snow in Lapland and all of the team had to work really hard to make a program suitable for our customers – of course with our dogs. Training with ATV and cart, hiking with the dogs, overnight in a tent and finally driving the team with the sled. An incredible work to make all this happening.

Everybody starts to relax as finally the snow is coming and it looks good. The lakes are solid frozen only the rivers will need still some time to be save.

18th of November 2018

Seasonstart without snow?

Lapland – and the whole of Scandinavia – experiences for the first time no or very little snow at this time of the year. Reindeermen are not able to bring their reindeers home, mushers have to train their dogs with ATV and carts, roads and trails are bare or blank ice. Never seen before. We at Äkäskero work hard to prepare a nice program for our customers anyhow, to give them a great experience of Lapland but still hope the weather changes to normal.

We are still working on our new “Kota”-Restaurant but the cottages are ready for our guests. Every cottage has 3 sleepingrooms, spacious livingroom, kitchen and two times shower and WC.

23rd of October 2018

The Muonio river starts to freeze and to form ice sculptures.

19th of October 2018

The training of all our dogs has started. They will be in shape for the season.

7th of October 2018

On Friday winter has knocked on our door for the first time this season. While the kota/restaurant is still under construction, the cabins are almost ready for our customers.

1st of October 2018

You can find us also at Instagram: teamakaskero

29th of September 2018

As the temperatures are quite cold and the morning temperature is below 0 our raceteam is training hard. Over 30 km per run are tough. Marley und Attila in Lead

22nd of September 2018

We enjoy the last autumn days before the leafs will be falling. The reindeers are well nurished for the cold, long winter.

2nd of September 2018

For most people the Indian Summer – in Finnish “Ruska” – is besides winter – the most beautiful time in Lapland.

1st of September 2018

For our raceteam the training already started. The temperatures are quite ok but the dogs are happy to find places to cool themselves down.

23rd of August 2018

Erich, who is helping us at this time, was taking a look at the camp with his drone. At the left side you can see the new cottages and the basement for the “kota”/restaurant. This very hot summer the roofs over the kennels where a great relieve for our dogs.

4th of August 2018

We are still small but we are going to rule the (sledding)world.

2nd of August 2018

The new cottages in our sleddogcenter start to get ready. Also the insidework is progressing nicely.

23rd of July 2018

The last weeks had not only been extremly warm in the southern parts of Scandinavia. Also in Lapland temperatures reached 30 C and more. As there was close to no rain birches start to change the colors due to the lack of water. Good thing: almost no mosquitos.

9th of July 2018

Summer is puppytime in Äkäskero. From “I cannot see the world”, to “the world is just for playing”, to “the world is mine”.

1st of July 2018

The new loghouses in the sleddogcenter are supposed to be ready by beginning of September. At least that is, what Timo our constructor promisses. Keep the fingers crossed.

18th of June 2018

25 years ago, Friday 18th of June the owners of Kontiki-Reisen and their architect came to Lapland to sign the contract for Äkäskero and start the project. The trustee was in a hurry as he wanted to go to his midsummer party and at the same time a bit suspicious as he demanded that the payment has to be done in cash. Not really easy with the amount involved. It was clear, that Finns did not trust foreigners. After signing the contract the real adventure begun which I did not at all expect to involve me a lot. After the weekend I was not only the one responsible for organizing the renovation but was also the one who had to run the business. My place suddenly was behind the bar instead in front of it. Not really easy at a time when mobilphones and internet did not exist. Anyhow: my work started by buying a computer and fax. Instead of working with my dogs I was sitting in the office – a room upstairs in the lodge – and had my daily fights with the workers.

28th May 2018

Today, 25 years ago I moved to Äkäskero. The idea to create a center for sleddogsport seemed to be unrealistic not to say crazy. Outside of normal tourist-areas at a time when wintertourism was almost not existing it seemed to be impossible to run a place like Äkäskero and many have failed before. Together with the suisse travelspecialist Kontiki-Reisen I saw a chance to try it.