What is the difference between Äkäskero and other suppliers?
At Äkäskero the wellbeing of our dogs is on top. Any of our dogs can live at our place also when retired. Some of them getting as old as 18 years. If a company keeps the old dogs there should be about 20 % old dogs in the kennels. Otherwise they are not living towards their natural end.


Also we have more dogs than we would need for our tours. This gives us the possibility to rest dogs also during the season.


How many participants are needed that you do the program?
One person. Every tourdate is guaranteed not depending on the number of participants.


Is there a snowmobile with on tour?
No. All our tours are guided by a trained guide with own dogteam. This needs better guides but it also gives much better experience to the customer and they really can enjoy the quiet peace of Lapland


Are the guides being paid?
Yes, all our guides and doghandlers have a fixend monthly salary depending on experience and how many seasons they had been working with us. In contrast to other companies which use volunteers for guiding we do not do. We also do not give zero-hours-contracts.


How do the guides select their dogs?
Every guide has an own group of dogs – about 36 – 40 – which he is training from autumn on. From this time on through the whole season the guide is fully responsible for the dogs and their wellbeing. That also means, that the guide really knows the dogs best.


What is the best time for sleddogtours?
It really depends what you like to experience. From end of November to end of January is a very quiet time (not at the airport in Kittilä) and not a lot of people are out on the trails so we hardly meet a snowmobile if at all. This is also the time with the long dusk with incredible soft colors. From beginning of January also the sun is back. February brings alreay a lot of sun but it is also often the coldest month and gives the real arctic-feeling. March and April are the months the scandinavians go for their Laplandholidays – and they should know. Temperatures can be on the plusside during the day but can also drop into minus 25 – 30 during the night. From middle of March on Lapland has already longer days than middleeurope.


Is it possible to take photos during the tour?
During the tour taking professional photos is not possible. Most of the time both hands have to hold on the sled and actually you have the same scenery the whole day – dogs in front of you and maybe behind you. Before the start and after arriving at the cabins it is possible. Please note, that the batteries might die very fast due to the cold and you cannot charge them at the cabins. Same goes for the mobile devices.


What happens if I have to stop the tour?
In case of an accident or sickness you will be brought to the next health-care-center in Muonio. The costs for the transport of you, dogs, equipment will be charged and normally refunded by your insurancecompany. Please note, that the accommodation at the sleddogcenter normally is not available. We do have one extra room but that might be in use. If we cannot accommodate you in the sleddogcenter we will help in finding a place.


What equipment do I need to bring with?
Best is to check our equipment list and take as little as possible with. A small suitcase should be enough. During the tour your private things are best in a small backpack (should not be more than 8kg). Your belongings will be stored in the sleddogcenter. Please do not bring expensive things as we do not have a safe.


I need special food
Please inform us in good time if you need something special or you are not able to eat some kind of food. Sometimes it can be difficult to get things but if we have enough time it should work out.


How long are the daily distances?
The distances are between 40 and 70 km but depending on trailcondition, group and also on daylight. The average speed is about 10 – 12 km/h with only short breaks. So normally traveltime is about 4 – 6 hours.


How do I dress best for the tour?
Under the coverall which we provide you should wear one or two sets of long (woolen) underwear, fleecepants and fleecejacket. Two pairs of woolen socks and fleecegloves are also recommanded. Socks and underwear can be bought at the sleddogcenter. When you are sensitive or for real cold days a baclava might be good.


We like to spend holidays in Lapland but not having a weektour. Is it possible in Äkäskero?
Yes. You can simply rent a selfcatering cottage and book daytours according your wishes.