Equipment & packing list

Ensuring that you are enjoying your sled dog tour without fear of cold temperatures we like to give you some
recommendations which equipment you should bring with you.
We provide you with special equipment for the tour. This includes:

  • suit
  • warm fur hat
  • over mittens
  • warm winter boots

What we recommend to wear under those clothes is: long woolen underwear (depending on the temperatures several layers), pullover and trousers from wool or fleece, wool socks (depending on your sensivity to cold and quality often 2 or 3 pairs) and finger gloves from fleece. Also ski or outdoor jackets and trousers are useful because they give additional wind protection and you can wear them at the hut instead of the warm special equipment when you care for the dogs or want to go for an evening walk.

Top priority with all clothes is that they are loose fit. So, there can be air cushions between the layers which hold the heat produced by your body. That applies to your own clothes as well as to the special equipment and shoes.

Furthermore it is important to be always aware to wear dry clothes. That is why it make sense to have at least one additional pair of gloves to change them. Also you must never wear the same underwear and socks at night that you want to wear the next morning on tour.

Please make sure not to take too much luggage on tour. Due to the fact that the dogs have to carry also equipment, food and you the own luggage should not exceed 6kg. Best is you use a daypack or small sportsbag. Your suitcase or travel bag and all things you don’t need on tour can stay at the sleddogcenter.

Photo equipment: please keep in mind that driving a dog sled is the focus of our tours, they are no photo tours. Who wants to make photos should use a small camera. During the tour breaks for taking pictures cannot be made because that would be too stressful for the dogs and might also disturb other participants. Pictures can be taken mainly before start preparation, during breaks and at the huts/in the camp.

Following packing list for your own things has proven to be reasonable:

  • woolen underwear (depending on travel date 2 or 3x)
  • pullover and trousers from fleece
  • ski-/outdoor jacket and trousers
  • woolen socks (at least 3 pairs to have possibility to change them)
  • finger gloves (wool or fleece, at least 2 pairs)
  • neckwarmer / scarf / buff / ski mask
  • thermos flask (generally 0,5l is sufficient)
  • inner sleeping bag oder thin summer sleeping bag
  • cabin slippers (felt boots) or sneakers (for stay in the wilderness cabins)
  • toilet kit (please use only natural soap because we get the drinking water from the lakes at the huts and want to keep the quality)
  • eventually medicines
  • for spectacle wearers we highly recommend to use contact lenses because glasses can fog over and freeze
  • headlamp, eventually additional batteries
  • small camera
  • from February sun glasses
  • from March suncream
  • for panorama tours also: small sewing set, hand cream, belt and knife with fixed blade

If needed bold printed articles can be bought on spot in good quality and for a good price.
Additionally we have a shop in Munio where you can find these and more articles if necessary: