Panorama Tour – 14 nights

Panorama Tour – 14 nights


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The demanding Tour

The demanding Panorama Tours are the highlights for everyone who has already taken part in at least one week-long tour. If you haven’t already, you can explore it further. Depending on weather and trail conditions you will experience a dream tour or maybe also a tour which will take you to your limits.

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We begin the tour at our sleddogcenter. Already the second day we will be camping in a tent. In the save environment you can practice your skills in case you will need them in bad weather or in the mountains. We travel on to Näkkälä, Syväjärvi, Termisjärvi and from there to the highest spot of Finland – the Halti. Be fit for some demanding uphill and – on the way back – to downhill driving. After Kilpisjärvi we cross the border to Sweden to reach Pältsä before we go on through highland to Järämä where we stay overnight at a cabin of a Same. We will continue to Övre Soppero, Kätkäsuando, Torasjärvi and finally our sleddogcenter – as far as weather and trail conditions permit – where we should arrive on Thursday. If needed the tour can be changed accordingly. Distances up to 100 km have to be covered in one day which can be demanding too.

Especially in the mountains the demands on the participants are often very high because the sleds are heavily loaded and difficult to control. Long climbs and descents require not only fitness but also good sledding techniques combined with good teamwork between the mushers and dogs. On these tours, confidence in the dogs’ capabilities, correct handling and a sympathetic understanding of their needs is extremely important. The accommodation during the tour will be in simple wilderness cabins and tents without electricity or running water. There is only an outhouse as a toilet and a sauna – where available – as an alternative for a shower. If the weather is bad and the way to the next cabin too long it can also be necessary to stay a night in a small tent or bivouac. The work like caring for the dogs, making wood, making fire, cooking, cleaning, etc. is carried out collectively by the group. Team spirit is required.

After the return to the sleddogcenter you will appreciate the warm shower before you will have dinner with your guide. It gives you the opportunity to ask last questions or just be happy about memories and anecdotes. The last day is to relax. It’s your choice if you like to relax at the log house, do a snow shoe walk, a snow mobile tour or something else.

The nights at the sleddogcenter you will spend in (half) double rooms. The log houses are equipped with 3 bedrooms with separated beds, 2 x shower/WC, a large living area with kitchen.



To realize a good tour with a lot of positive experiences for our guests and dogs we kindly ask you to note the following conditions:

Äkäskero Wilderness or Advanced Tour: mandatory
To ensure that all participants have the necessary knowledge about handling sled dogs and skills in driving sleds necessary for this tour and its profile this tour can only be booked after you have done a wilderness or advanced tour in Äkäskero.

Physical fitness: is strictly necessary
For the Panorama Tour tour physical fitness is strictly necessary. Every guest must be able to help his dog team – also on longer passages – when there are difficult snow conditions or uphill – which can be very steep -, that means to walk next to the sled and push it. Doing sports regularly in advance is required. You always have to keep in mind that there can be extreme temperatures of less than -40° and/or snow storms. You need to keep your body warm and the most effective way is to run through the deep snow.

Age limits: 18-65 years
The minimum age for the Panorama Tour is 18 years. Due to our experience we have learned that the physical requirements of this tour often cannot be made by guests older than 65 years. That is why we can accept bookings from guests older than 65 years only on special request.

Weight: 50-100kg
The weight of the guest is important on tours too. For guests who are too light it can be difficult to control a dog team in difficult situations. With too much weight the burden for the dogs can be too high.

That is why we ask you for your understanding that bookings of guests who do not match the weight limits can only be accepted on special request and that we reserve the right to weigh guests at our place if they did not inform about their weight in advance.


Reservations and more information directly here tai +358 50 551 0907