To all our friends, customers and husky-lovers

Corona hits tourism in Lapland hard. The hardest hit are the huskies. Many huskies have already been “reduced” and everywhere you can find empty doghouses. Partly understandable when companies/people are really in need and no other way out is possible. With a large part however simply the costs were reduced, many never kept their old dogs. Often the life of a sled dog ends with eight or nine years. Only a few old dogs are allowed to live longer, so that guests also see four or five old dogs.”These are our oldies” it is called then. That about 20% old dogs should be present – guests can not know that. And no, there are not enough people who (can) take home the approx. 1000 huskies that grow old every year.

We in Äkäskero are desperately trying to continue to give our dogs a life. No one else has more than 140 dogs that are taken care of even though they can no longer work. This requires not only food but also a lot of medicine, a lot of work and above all the will to care for the old dogs. These dogs are not machines to be disposed of. They worked hard for us and our guests for many years, were mostly sweet, cuddly and always did their part to create great memories. We feel it is our duty to show gratitude.

Unfortunately, because of Corona, virtually all income has failed to materialize as of March 16 last year and this situation is likely to continue for a long time.We can practically only hope for the next season.

We have been negotiating with the banks for months. Except that we were always asked to reduce our costs (i.e. our dogs), not much came. On the contrary, tourism was classified as a high risk and the banks demanded new collateral for old loans. As a tourism company, it is not even possible to open an account at a bank at the moment.

Thus we are dependent on your help. We and our dogs will not survive if we do not get help.

Thanks to everyone who is concerned with us about our dogs. Thank you also for the smallest donation. One Euro saves one dog for one day – without the costs for employees who are currently doing their work for our dogs for free.

The sponsorship is Euro 100,– per year. Each sponsor gets a sponsor certificate, donation confirmation and additionally a yearly calendar with our dogs.

Of course we are grateful for any amount we receive.

You are welcome to support our dogs either by normal bank transfer or by credit card via Paypal (by clicking on the Paypal sign below).


Every cent goes directly to the dogs. Bank details: Sleddogassosiation R.Y.; Äkäskerontie 480; FIN-95970 Äkäslompolo; IBAN: FI80 5641 0820 0523 26 SWIFT/BIC: OKOYFIHHXXX (the spaces in the IBAN number are only for better readability. When transferring money, simply ignore the spaces).

If you have any questions, you can contact Benkku at office@akaskero.com.