To protect our dogs against economic risks we have founded the non-profit association Sleddogassociation Ry and registered it with all the relevant authorities. The aim of this association is, step by step, to buy all the dogs from our company and to take care of them, no matter what the future may bring. This is obviously a huge task, since – if one wants to be prepared for the worst – more than 450 dogs need to be cared for.

As a first step, an officially registered lease for the dog camp was requested and granted. In this way, the association will always be in a position to house and care for the dogs on camp.

If you share our opinion that our sled dogs are not just working animals, to be discarded as cheaply at the end of their active careers, then we would be more than pleased if you would become a supporting member of our association. Our motto is: A dignified life for old friends.

The registration fee for a general sponsorship, including the first annual subscription, is 50 Euro. From then on the annual fee is 30 Euro.

If you would like to sponsor a particular dog, this is possible for an annual fee of 80 Euro. By way of thanks, you will receive a certificate with a photo of your “godchild”. Please send us an email indicating which dog you would like to sponsor so that we can check he is not already being sponsored by someone else.

You can also do a one-off donation for the sum of your choosing.

Every cent will be invested in helping and taking care of the dogs.

You can donate either via bank transfer or with your card via PayPal by clicking on the button below.

Bank details:

Bank: Sleddogassosiation RY; Äkäskerontie 480; Äkäslompolo FIN-95970,
IBAN: FI80 5641 0820 0523 26 SWIFT / BIC: OKOYFIHHXXX

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Benkku under email: office@akaskero.com.