To all our friends, customers and husky-lovers

I would like to thank you all for your help. Without you Äkäskero Sleddogcenter would not exist in the form it is now. Corona hit us hard and without your help many dogs would not be alive.

The banks and the state are no help in difficult times and the many requests to “separate” us from the old dogs were terrible for me.

Yes it is true. All over Scandinavia many sled dogs have been disposed of. Many companies no longer exist and no, the dogs were not given to private homes.

So thank you very much for helping us to continue to give our dogs a place in Äkäskero.

The next years will be a big challenge especially for me. Being over 60, I see it as my task to make sure that Äkäskero will be a place where also old dogs can live and not only dogs that are working. I know that I have wasted a “fortune” on old dogs – at least that is the opinion of the banks. I would like to continue to do it. These dogs have worked all their lives for us and our guests and have a right to live even after they can no longer work.

I hope and ask that you can continue to support me in this. There are probably also economically difficult years ahead of us and the price increases are already hitting us hard.

Thank you for your loyalty and support and welcome to Äkäskero.

Bernhard Klammer


The sponsorship is Euro 100,– per year. Each sponsor gets a sponsor certificate and donation confirmation. This amount does not at all cover the costs of one dog but it is a big help. Thank you.

Of course we are grateful for any amount we receive.

You are welcome to support our dogs either by normal bank transfer or by credit card via Paypal (by clicking on the Paypal sign below).


Every cent goes directly to the dogs. Bank details: Sleddogassosiation R.Y.; Äkäskerontie 480; FIN-95970 Äkäslompolo; IBAN: FI80 5641 0820 0523 26 SWIFT/BIC: OKOYFIHHXXX (the spaces in the IBAN number are only for better readability. When transferring money, simply ignore the spaces).

If you have any questions, you can contact Benkku at office@akaskero.com.