The team

Andy from Germany, guide, german/englisch, 8th season at Äkäskero

Ben from France, guide, french/english, 4th season at Äkäskero

Iris from Switzerland, doghandler, german/french/english, 3rd season at Äkäskero

Luca, from Switzerland, german/english/french, allrounder, busdriver, snowmobileguide, 10th season at Äkäskero

Martina from Austria, german/english, guide, 4th season at Äkäskero

Nick, United Kingdom, englisch, guide, 3rd season at Äkäskero

Pierre, from France, french, english, german, allrounder, snowmobileguide, 2nd season at Äkäskero

Steffi, from Switzerland, german/english/french, allrounder, 16th season at Äkäskero

Susi, from Germany, german/english/french, campmanager, vet.nurse., 16th season at Äkäskero

Joanne, Kenya, english, swaheli, luo; Huskyvillage, customercare. Second year in Äkäskero

Mailys, France; Guide, french, english. First Year in Äkäskero.

Katja, Italian. Guide. German, Italian, English. Returned to Äkäskero.

Steffi, Switzerland, german, english. Raceteam.

Stevo, Slowakia, slowak, english. Raceteam

Mehdi, from France. French, english. Guide. First season in Äkäskero.