Working in the sleddogcenter

Be in the middle of the game instead at the sideline

Working with sleddogs is fascinating for many. Just do not forget: it is work. To work professionally with sleddogs means to have to learn a lot. It is not enough to spend two month training on the job if you like to work as a guide – at least, if you like to work with us.

We do understand, that this kind of work is not your lifetime job. Please understand, that we are not interested in people who like to have a winter full of fun. The work with tourists and dogs in the north is not really easy. It is more than just walking a dog on the leash for an hour. It is a job where you take responsibility for up to seven customers, 40 dogs and all the things around which have to maintained and taken care for – whatever the weather is outside.

Our education as organized as internship and starts in June. From June to the end of September we will teach you all you need to knwo about daily care for dogs, feeding, cleaning, medical care, training of puppies, socializing of puppies and much more. From Ocotober on you will be involved in the training of the dogs for the upcoming season. You will learn to handle a group of dogs no matter if it is for training with an ATV, kickbike, or cart. This means harnessing the dogs, putting together a team and a safe start and trainingsrun.

As soon as we have enough snow the training with the sled starts. It is a huge step up also as the days are getting shorter and we have to work with small teams to keep it safe. It is a huge task.

From December on you will learn a lot about the work in the background which is very important for a great experience for our customers. Opening trails with the snowmobile, bringing equipment, material to the cabins, maybe getting customers from the trai, maintaining the dogyards and the sleddogcenter, taking care of customers when they are not on tour and much more. In between again a lot of training with the dogs, learning all the trails, learning how to handle problems and much more.

From March on you will be on tour with our groups and you will practice what you learned under supervision of one of our guides.

The highlight will be a two-weeks-tour – actually it will be the same our customers get: Panoramatour.

Our part

Accommodation: Participants get free accommodation at our camphouse in doublerooms.

Food: The participants care for their own food. We pay you 200 Euro per month if you bring us receipts from your shopping. Ofcourse all food on tours ore when out with groups is for free.

Equipment: Äkäskero provides the outer-shell (Overall, Shoes/Boots, Gloves).